Immersible Pump with Mixing Blades(FDD-R+/FDD-S+)

Immersion Pump with Mixing Blades(FDD-R+/FDD-S+)

Product info

The FDD-R+ and FDD-S+ series are immersible pumps with mixing blades, the extension of FDD-R and FDD-S series. All products in the lines have received the CE certification. There are the 1/8HP and 1/6HP models. These series are mainly used for liquids that precipitate easily (and therefore need to be stirred), such as optical grinding fluids.

Suitable for oil- and liquid-based fluids which need to be stirred.

  • 100% made in Taiwan. High-quality copper-made machines with long service life.

  • All of our products have received the CE certification and are sold all over the world. The quality won international recognition.

  • Our exclusive 304 stainless steel mixing blades are used in the 1/8 and 1/6 models, which greatly prevent precipitation.

  • We exclusively use aluminum alloy and 304 stainless steel to achieve lightweight design. The weight is reduced by 40%, lessening the burden of the structure and during the process of installation.

  • aluminum alloy as the main body structure, resulting in excellent heat dissipation rate and longer service life.

  • Professional production and testing equipment. Strict quality control.

     Operation Conditions

  • Ambient temperature:0-40°C

  • Liquid type:oil- and liquid-based fluids which need to be stirred.

  • Liquid temperature range:0-70℃


  • Pump case protection level:IP54

  • Frequency:50/60Hz

  • Horsepower:1/8HP, 1/6HP

  • Single-phase voltage:110V, 220V

  • Three-phase voltage:200V~230V, 380V~440V

Specification Table

immersion pump with mixing blade

※Choose your immersible pump based on the length you need, but hold a working space for mixing blades for 20mm.

Model table

immersion pump with mixing blade-model name
model name list


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